Who am i ?

A content creator driven by my heart, as it has always been my most important compass in life. Because if you wanna do something good – you have to be passionate about it. 

My first way to express myself was through photography and after finishing my studies in Photo school, I started working as a photographer in 2007.

In the beginner of my carrier, my biggest passion was music – and so I started working as a music photographer. I did concerts, record covers, promotion photos, documentary work for magazine etc and worked with some of our greatest artists.

In 2015 I found another passion in life:  The great outdoors. 
Today adventures has a big part of my life and since 2016 I am running the outdoor platform Wilderness Stories where I aim to inspire others to find their way out into nature themselves. 

As you might understand, it’s hard to give myself one title. I do so many different things within the area that I love.

Among others I am a:

content creator

writer & Author


Public speaker

This website is under construction. 

If you wanna reach out, don’t hesitate to contact me at: or call/text +46707555227